Vietnamese chefs like to refer to their cooking as "the nouvelle cuisine of Asia". And indeed, with the reliance on rice, wheat and legumes, abundance of fresh herbs and vegetables, minimal use of oil, and the treatment of meat as a condiment rather than a main course, Vietnamese food has to be among the healthiest on the planet.

The Vietnamese adopted Confucianism, Buddhism, chopsticks and the wok from China, yet Vietnamese food has retained its own character. We serve you authentic Vietnamese cuisine made with fresh ingredients sourced from the markets of Saigon.


Sample authentic appetisers such as GỎI CUỐN NHÂN TÔM THỊT (Fresh Vietnamese Spring Roll), GỎI 3 MÙA VỚI TÔM VÀ THỊT HE (Tri-Season Salad with Prawn & Pork) and CHẠO TÔM(Sugarcane Prawn).

SƯỜN NƯỚNG VỚI NƯỚC MẮM (Succulent Grilled Pork Rib), CÁ TUYẾT KHO TỘ (Stewed Codfish in Claypot), and MIẾN CUA TAY CẦM (Glass Vermicelli with Fresh Crabmeat in Claypot) are just a few signature dishes to tempt your palate.


Be enchanted with our delicacies.....

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